2007 Meyer-Näkel Pinot Noir “S”

2007 Meyer-Näkel Pinot Noir “S”

Ahr, Germany


This 2007 Meyer-Näkel Pinot Noir “S” from Ahr, Germany is incredibly good and an incredibly rare wine. It has brown, purple color and smooth texture. On the palate, it has little oak and fruity berries. Medium bodied, elegant yet complex Pinot Noir. Lots of depth but does not have longing finish.

I met this German Pinot Noir more than 5 years ago at The Vintage, one of my favorite wine shop in Los Angeles. I loved this wine and I was so in love it, I kept buying it until the wine shop run out. Since then I have not seen it. Until now! When I saw this wine the other day I was so excited. However, after one sip I was little disappointed. It didn’t taste the same as I remembered! I know this is 2007 and its been sitting in the wine shop (or whatever storage) for more than 5 years and my palate may have changed or just wasn’t good enough to store 5 years, or whatever. Something to learn, what kind of wine can you store and for how long? In my experience I never was able to store my wines…. so, this is something I would like to try in the future.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I purchased two bottles of this and I enjoyed it. Yes, I was little disappointed but still incredibly good German Pinot Noir.

Ahr is the north-westernmost of all German wine regions. This area produce really good Pinot Noir.

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